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I’ve really noticed a calmer, more productive, creative state of mind since starting on the smoothie train. I’m pretty happy that something so good for me really happens quite naturally in my day.

– Kristin

In the past three months, I’ve noticed that drinking something “alive” and yummy first thing in the morning makes me want to eat well the rest of the day. I’ve also combined picking up my smoothie in the morning with a quick 30 minute jog so I feel better physically.

– ES

I’m a huge fan of Owl and Goose’s smoothies! Not only do they taste great but I see the benefits eating greens everyday can do for me – I feel stronger, lighter, and more energetic than ever.

– Trisha

Like most mums/entrepreneurs I know, I am busy, busy, busy. The green smoothies energize me to be the Super Woman I need to be all day, everyday. As my son says, “You need to gas up to keep going”. My gas is green!

– Katrina

I love the smoothies for many reasons:

1)They are delicious

2)They make me feel really good

3)I love the ritual of doing something good for myself

4)I don’t stress about “getting my greens” for the rest of the day

5)My baby likes them too

– Eden (New Moon Kitchen)

I got on the green smoothie train over a year ago and it has become my daily ritual.  I had been hoping for something like this to appear in the neighbourhood so I was thrilled when it did.  It was better than I had imagined.  When I started drinking these lovely green drinks I was working at overcoming a health issue.  These smoothies did a lot towards my recovery.  My fast and full recovery from surgery was also made much easier with this bounty of readily accessible nutrients every day.

– Monica

I usually avoid any foods that may be healthy for me. Why? I dunno. The green glow of your drink probably meant it was way too healthy. It took me a while to even taste it but, hey, it was pretty good and if it’s a quick, easy way for me to get my daily vegetable intake then I’m in. I also love the small town community feel of the pick-up porch system.

– Jim

Only 1 month I have become a believer in the Green Goodness. I thought coffee was addictive but after a jar a day for a couple of days, I was hooked.  I have actually had a lot of fun teasing “scaredy-cat” customers into trying it.  The biggest surprise for me has been the broad-based appeal, everyone from moms to metal workers come in daily.

Anyone who cares about good health and good taste will be a fan.

– Peter (Sunny Joe's Cafe)

Thanks again for making such wonderful and healthy green drinks. I look forward to them each and every day, as does my partner. Best addiction ever.


– Amee

The smoothies are delicious!

And makes me feel like it balances out chocolate and booze. ;)   Thanks for bringing them to the ‘hood.

– Robyn

The 3-day cleanse was incredible.  It was exactly what I needed.

– Lyn

HUGE fan of the @OwlAndGoose #green#juice I picked up yesterday!#NutritionistApproved #EatClean #Toronto#Healthy pic.twitter.com/xWSmIJBgqL

– Catherine Sugrue, CNP

Thanks for furling my bus ride @OwlAndGoose! #chard #kale #collards#pear #apple #ginger #lime #rawinstagram.com/p/t7ibqKvNPh/

– Meg Pearson (MAP Wellness)

Pleased to say @OwlAndGoose‘s super juice is flying off the shelves!! Disappointed that I didn’t drink one. You snooze, you lose!

– Scout & Cash

New green smoothies from @OwlAndGooseare flying off the shelves – have you tried one? What did you think? #drinkyourgreens

– Cafe Novo

It sure is getting cold out there. But I’m gonna keep the colds at bay with @OwlAndGoose yum! pic.twitter.com/A67aGdVd0T

– fayemoxam

Tried my first @OwlAndGoose green organic local smoothie just now. DELISH!

– Lisa Ferguson

The ladies are loving their @OwlAndGoose smoothies – the perfect power-up! pic.twitter.com/61fZIuc6Ug

– Flirty Girl Fitness