What is an Owl & Goose smoothie?

An Owl & Goose smoothie is a delicious blend of organic leafy greens, a hint of fruit and fresh lemon and ginger.  It is a satisfying, nutrient dense and fibre filled beverage that can be enjoyed by all.

Where can I get Owl & Goose green smoothies?

Owl & Goose green smoothies can be found throughout the city of Toronto and we are ever-expanding!  You can find a full list and map of our retail locations here.

How can I get green smoothies for my coffee shop or yoga studio?

Adding our product to your shop or studio is simple.  Contact us and we will work with you to find the order level that works best.  Worried about waste?  For the first few weeks we will adjust orders and take back what doesn’t sell to find the perfect level of product for you.

How long do Owl & Goose green smoothies keep?

We make our green smoothies daily Monday to Friday and while fresh is always best, unopened smoothies last up to 4 days in the fridge. We suggest that you drink them the day that they are made and why wouldn’t you? They are so delicious!

When should I drink my smoothie?

Some people have their smoothie first thing in the morning, and others prefer having them in the late afternoon as an energy pick-me-up or a post workout/yoga class stabilizer. Whenever and wherever, drinking our green smoothies helps to curb cravings and boost your energy.