Retailer FAQs

How do I start selling Owl & Goose green smoothies at my retail location?

Adding our product to your shop, cafe or studio is simple.  Contact us and we will fill you in on all the details you’ll need to start selling our green smoothies.  Our smoothies come in two sizes, 250ml (small) and 500ml (large).  Most locations sell both but you can decide what you think will work best for your location.  As you bring the product in, we will work alongside you to find the order amounts and delivery days that best fit.  Worried about 250ml-LABLEwaste?  For the first few weeks we will adjust orders and take back what doesn’t sell to find the perfect level of product for you.

How long do Owl & Goose green smoothies keep?

We make our green smoothies daily Monday to Friday and while fresh is always best, unopened smoothies last up to 4 days in the fridge. We suggest that you drink them the day that they are made and why wouldn’t you? They are so delicious!

What is the minimum order?

We try not to be too strict about minimum orders as we find this to be dependent on the situation.  With that being said, we usually ask for a $30 minimum.  If you have any concerns about minimum orders, please email or

When is the cut off for orders or order changes?

We ask that you please have your orders and order adjustments in by 5pm the day before delivery.  This way we can guarantee that you will have your delivery and your changes will be in place.

Who do I contact with my order changes?

Please email for any order changes and adjustments.

What are the payment options for Owl & Goose smoothie orders?

We accept cheques, e-transfers and credit card payments.

Why choose smoothies over cold press juices?

We love blended smoothies and cold press juices.  They are both fantastic, nutrient dense foods that benefit those who drink them.  They each have their place.  We happen to favour blended green smoothies because we believe that fibre is such an important part of the diet.  Cold pressed juices separate the fibre and provide a quick boost of nutrients.  Blended smoothies on the other hand, provide a boost of nutrients as well as a great dose of fibre.  The fibre will help to improve digestion, keep your system in motion and keep you fuller, longer.