Green Smoothies


What Goes Into An Owl & Goose Smoothie?

Each day we rotate ingredients to make up unique tasting, delicious green smoothies. We use seasonal ingredients and organic ingredients whenever possible as well as microgreens and fresh herbs so there are always subtle flavour differences. Our recipe is always balanced though, with a perfect symmetry of sweet and savoury.

Not too sweet, not too bitter… just right.


Below is an image of the nutritional content for our signature blend Curly Sue:


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Drink your greens

Mom’s sage advice about “eating” your greens is very wise but “drinking” your greens takes this wisdom to a higher level. Consuming greens in liquid form is a great way to reap all of their wonderful benefits! Our high speed blender breaks down the cellulose in the greens so that the essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids are made more accessible to your body.



Get alkalized

It is of paramount importance for the human body to stay in perfect pH balance; even the smallest variation can have drastic effects on health and well-being. Sadly, many commonly consumed food products create acidity in the body. This combined with stress and environmental toxins can contribute to many illnesses that could otherwise be avoided. Bringing your body into an alkaline balance can reduce illness and stress and leave you feeling grounded, with a steady sense of well being and vitality.

Luckily, leafy greens are the most alkalizing foods available and while we may not always be able to control stress, we can increase our body’s ability to combat it by increasing the intake of alkaline foods. Love your body. Love your greens, love your life!


Fantastic Fibre

Fibre is an essential part of a balanced diet and helps to keep you healthy and regular.  It is a bulking agent in the digestive tract keeping you fuller longer.  Fresh fruits and vegetables provide excellent roughage that can also help balance blood sugar and eliminate toxins and fats.  Fibre is an ingredient which is lost when cold pressing juices, which is why we favour blending our ingredients to maintain the fibre content.