Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders

Would you like to place an order with Owl & Goose for your retail location?  Do you have a suggested retail location for us?  Is there a gym, yoga studio, shop, or cafe near you that you’d love to have supply Owl & Goose smoothies?  We’d love to hear from you!

Adding our product to your shop, cafe or studio is simple.  Contact us and we will work with you to find the order level that works best.  Worried about waste?  For the first few months we will adjust orders and take back what doesn’t sell to find the perfect level of product for you.

We have two sizes available, 500ml (large) and 250ml (small).  Some locations prefer one size over the other, most love to carry both!

Our smoothies are made fresh daily and through the week we like to switch things up a bit by adding one additional ingredient like organic sunflower sprouts, organic pea shoots or organic buckwheat sprouts.


If you would like to start carrying our product or need to ask a few more questions:

Please Contact Us